Automobile Towing & Repair Services in Holden, Utah

Mechanic Working on Car, Towing Services, tow, Automobile Repair Services in Holden, UT

Receive quality services, including automobile towing and repair, when you rely on Y Service Station of Holden, Utah. We provide complete towing services to the community.

Our fleet consists of five tow trucks that haul cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. We provide 24-hour services throughout Millard County. Y Service Station has qualified drivers that ensure fast and reliable services for all of your towing needs.

Our convenient payment options include paying in person at our establishment or with your driver, and we provide cash and credit card options.

Automobile Repair

We have a team of automobile mechanics ready to address your vehicle's problems. Y Service Station is factory-certified by top car and truck manufacturers, including Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota, Dodge, and Ford.

Our team performs a variety of services, including tires, oil changes, and transmission fluid changes. We provide 24-hour turnaround service in cases, which parts are readily available. Y Service Station is often able to provide same-day service for automobile repairs.

Request a service from our automobile towing and repair team in Holden, Utah.